Why you need to do the Masterclass


10 Reasons for Graduate Physios Doing Sarah Key’s Masterclasses:

  • Get my mojo back with Physiotherapy
  • Find better techniques
  • Be more confident diagnosing/treating back problems
  • Improve my manual skills
  • Learn how to use my feet to treat backs
  • Some more effective tools in the tool-kit
  • Take time with patients and to set my fees accordingly
  • Not to groan when ‘another back’ walks through the door
  • Understand MRIs and radiology reporting
  • Sick of other people (health funds, WCC, corporatised medicine) setting my professional agenda


10 Learning Outcomes from SK Masterclasses

  • Refined manual palpation skills, including surface anatomy of lumbar spine and pelvis
  • A new appreciation of degrees of freedom of each lumbar segment, including cephalad (decompression)
  • Understanding the roles of the IVD, facet joints, global and local spinal muscles, the 3 abdominal muscle layers, the posterior ligamentous lock
  • The significance between sustained spinal compression (catabolic) and on-off spinal loading (anabolic)
  • A new understanding of the five stages of breakdown of a lumbar segment
  • A new appreciation of central segment mobilisation (spinous process) and facet mobilisation
  • The difference in ’feel’ between leathery, rubbery, thickened, tense, bloated
  • A simple and effective home treatment regime
  • How to run an effective spinal decompression class
  • Effectively using the feet to mobilise the lumbar spine and pelvis


10 Testimonial Excerpts

  • Why didn’t we learn this as undergrads?
  • Sarah is such a passionate and enlightened communicator. It makes sense
    I’m really looking forward to getting back home and putting it into practice.
  • Understanding the sequence breakdown will make it so much easier to explain to patients
  • Great to learn from someone with Sarah’s passion and experience
  • I’ll definitely be using my feet
  • To be in such an intimate learning experience with ‘the master’ was a real privilege
  • I used my Dad as a guinea-pig last night and he was stoked
  • I can’t wait for Level 3!
  • We didn’t want to leave at the end of the course, but Sarah got out the vacuum cleaner!


10 Types of Value Adding from the Sarah Key Courses

  • To complete Level 3 and Level 4 (peripheral joints) Masterclasses
  • To attend residential Refresher and Up-skilling Getaways at ‘Fernleigh’ Scone, NSW
  • To sell SK products and books in your practice and website
  • To join the SK worldwide network and have patients referred
  • To ask SK advice/refer difficult patients
  • To use single-line drawings from Sarah’s books
  • To get updates about Sarah’s new web pages, YouTube channel and downloadable Video library
  • After completing Level 3, become an Accredited Specialist of the Sarah Key Method (APSKM)
  • To advertise as an APSKM and use logo
  • After Level 3, to become an APSKM Tutor
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