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Sarah Key is one of the world’s leading experts and authors in the treatment of back pain.

Sarah runs unique back retreats, informed by her years of experience running her celebrated clinics in London and Sydney over the previous 40 years. During her time in London she was physiotherapist to the royal family and was made a Member of the Victorian Order.

Sarah is now focused on passing on her knowledge to the next generation of therapists dealing with back pain. She is doing this through her state-of-the-art Masterclass webinars and accompanying Practical Adjuncts. 

Course Tutors

Sarah Key MVO

Sarah Key MVO is the author of the popular books ‘The Back Sufferers’ Bible’, ‘Back in Action’ and ‘The Body in Action’.Sarah is an Australian physiotherapist with an international reputation for treating problem backs. Over her years in clinical practice she has developed a working hypothesis comprising a rational blend of clinical experience and cutting edge evidence-based theory. She bases her concept on a solid foundation of spinal biomechanics and pathological processes, to provide the clinical reasoning behind her unusual treatment techniques.The primary authors of Sarah’s source material are Michael Adams, Associate Professor of Anatomy at Bristol University, UK and Nikolai Bogduk, Faculty of Medicine, Newcastle University, New South Wales, although she uses over 400 other papers to help throw light on the complexity of understanding and managing low back pain.

Cara Chandler BSc (HONS) MCSP MAACP

Cara became an Accredited Practitioner in The Sarah Key Method in 2007 after attending the courses at Highgrove, the estate of HRH the Prince of Wales. In 2013 she set up her own highly successful private clinic specializing in musculo-skelatal disorders, primarily backs. Before that time she worked with the MoD in Ireland. The greater part of her spinal therapy work is based on the Sarah Key skills. Cara believes that using the heel to mobilize the spine is best ways to get to the heart of a client’s problem.”Because of our 21st Century lifestyle we all suffer from spinal problems and various back-related aches and pains. I believe that spinal mobilizing un-jams the spine. It helps the nutrient supply of intervertebral discs and stops the cascade of breakdown of a problem spinal segment. Using my hands can at times feel limited, whereas with using my heel delivers ‘kinder’ pressures that loosen a stiff segment. Using the heel is always an eye-opener for clients but I have never had anyone shy away from me working like this. Apart from sparing my own body and extending the longevity of my working life, using my feet to mobilise the spine allows me to deliver a deeper and more specific treatment which has highly beneficial results. Patients are very pleased to get better so quickly! Sarah’s theory of ‘The 5 Stages of Breakdown’ has also given me an invaluable understanding of the biomechanics and biomedical science behind spinal breakdown.”Having assisted Sarah in Cornwall’s Hotel Tresanton at her ‘Back in a week’ patient program in 2007, visited the Sarah’s Clinic in Sydney and assisted during the UK 2017 training at University of Salford, Cara is delighted to have become part of Sarah’s teaching team. With the clinical skills – and business skills – she now employs in her highly successful private practice, Cara is delighted to help in passing on her knowledge and experience to help newcomer therapists successfully integrate the Sarah Key Method.

Kay Bradley-Higgins   Grad Dip Phys, MSc Advanced Clinical Practice, Dip Orthopaedic Medicine, APSKM Physiotherapist

Kay graduated from the Salford School of Physiotherapy in 1991. Upon graduation, she worked at the Royal Oldham Hospital as a Junior Physiotherapist and completed a number of rotations in various specialities over two and a half years. She decided quite early to specialise in the treatment of Musculoskeletal (MSk) disorders (the treatment of pain, muscle and joint problems). In 1995, Kay moved to Huddersfield to work solely in MSk.Whilst working in Huddersfield, Kay developed an interest in the management and treatment of back and neck pain.  She went on to complete a Masters Degree at Huddersfield University in 2004, doing a lot of the work around back pain.  In 2005, Kay took an Advanced Practitioner post, which involved the triage of patients with MSk problems, particularly back pain. This post allows her to refer patients for imaging as well as to other agencies.Kay attended a variety of courses to help patients deal with spinal pain over the years. All pain can be disabling, but there are so many myths and fears surrounding back problems that patients often don’t know what to do for the best. Kay wanted to be able to give practical advice to help people on the road to recovery.In 2006, she attended the Sarah Key Masterclasses and found that Sarah’s explanations and treatment for back and neck pain really struck a chord. Kay found the course useful for her own back problems as well as for those of her patients. She went on to become an Accredited Sarah Key Practitioner, and continued training to become one of Sarah’s teachers.


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